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Practical C programming course

There are many ways of teaching programming, but not all of them are efficient. Teachers like to give lectures, but students prefer practical lessons. Programming is a subject which requires a lot of practice, the theoretical knowledge itself is not enough.

Practical C programming course

Practice makes perfect?

In C programming – or in any other programming language – it is essential that we practice every day. Every language has its own instruction set, which we need to know by heart. This doesn’t come naturally, without the daily routine there will be a lot of mistyping, which will result in a faulty program.

The courses of use a very practical and interactive approach. Students start to program at their first lesson, and they will do the same in every subsequent class. Of course the lessons will include all the necessary theoretical knowledge as well, but these will be limited to those parts which are necessary for the the task at hand. This method is proven effective, as a lot of students take successful advanced level high school finals in computer science, or exams at the university.

Favorable lesson options

For those who wish to take lessons for a longer time it is possible to buy a pass for 5 or 10 lessons. These are valid for six months, and the students can decide about the frequency of usage. This option could be very useful for preparing to a midterm or to an exam. These lessons are 45 minutes long, so even 5 occasions could be enough for a successful test.

The classes can be held in person or online – as distance is not an issue when it comes to a programming course. The face-to-face lessons take place in Tatabánya. As for the online course, only a stable internet connection and a fast PC is needed. The progress of the students is tracked by having them to do homework after every class. The teachers proceed to the next topic only if the student(s) comprehended the previous one. This is very important because in programming everything is connected to everything, the topics are built on each other.

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Date: 2019-12-18