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The Legal Environment of Research and Development in Hungary

Similarly to the practices of both the European countries and the international platform, research and development, innovation, the management, protection, utilization and taxation rules of intellectual property are regulated also in Hungary in detail by laws and regulations.

The Legal Environment of Research and Development in Hungary

The most important law governing the field of research and development and innovation is Act LXXVI of 2014 on Scientific Research, Development and Innovation (R&D Act). The Research and Development Act applies to research and development and innovation financed from public funds and to the services provided and available in Hungary.

In addition to the Research and Development Act (Innovation Act), R&D is also regulated in Hungary by various other pieces of legislation which define the options concerning accounting, taxation and support and the rules of the game of the sector as well. One of the most important issues is taxation, where we can determine the liabilities related to corporate tax, local business tax and innovation based on various prevailing taxation laws.

Furthermore, Government Decree No. 9/2012. (II.1) on research and development certification is of crucial importance because it regulates the R&D certification procedure which guarantees safety and certainty in claiming tax exemption.

Other essential items of the legal environment are Act C of 2000 on Accounting and Government Decree No. 210/2014. (VIII. 27.) on the utilization of the Hungarian investment incentive (VIP Cash Subsidy Decree) which regulate the accounting rules of research and development and the rules of capital funding.

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Date: 2019-10-28